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Weight Loss and Exercise

Most of us know that exercise is important when it comes to maintaining weight and a healthy figure.  Exercise and weight training does much more than improve muscle mass and increases the body’s metabolic ability to burn and store fats more efficiently.   When on a diet including hCG, exercise is very important in maintaining long term weight control and decreasing the likelihood of developing other health complications that are associated with obesity or being overweight.

The Simeon’s protocol discourages exercise in addition to a restrictive diet.  This is unnecessary and based on outdated medical science.  In  2010 the International Journal of Obesity published a study demonstrating  weight loss programs that do not encourage physical activity can actually be hazardous to health and increase mortality. In the same study, they also demonstrated that weight loss programs encouraging exercise and increased activity levels, actually lessened mortality in those participants that were previously inactive.

Dr. Hoffman’s weight loss programs and his hCG Weight Loss programs incorporate physical activity and exercise.  Dr. Hoffman has found that with his population of patients, it is especially important to exercise and increase activity levels if they have been inactive in the past or if they are currently inactive.  Not only does this improve their energy levels and mood, increase their natural “feel good” hormones while they are exercising and promote muscle strength, but it also is a direct predictor of decreased mortality.

This is one of the many ways Dr. Hoffman’s hCG programs are VERY different than 99% of the other hCG weight loss programs out there that discourage exercise or adhere to the outdated Simeon’s protocol.  Dr. Hoffman’s weight loss programs are based on the most current medical research and are designed to provide you with a safe and effective way to lose your weight naturally.

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Hoffman’s weight loss programs, click here.

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