• Supervised Healthy, Natural Weight Loss

    Dr. Hoffman’s individualized Weight Loss Programs combine the best of modern medicine with integrative and natural treatments that will assist your rapid weight loss. As a part of the weight loss programs, you will learn to make the most of your food choices with healthy cooking and shopping tips.

  • Improve Your Health with hCG Weight Loss

    Based on your own unique needs, Dr. Hoffman will customize your hCG Weight Loss Program for you, to help you manage your weight and keep it off long term. You can regain your confidence, sense of well being and lose weight quickly!

  • Prevent Weight Gain with Healthy Nutrition

    The cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle is a healthy diet. Dr. Hoffman’s weight loss programs are not about gimmicks, packaged foods or meal replacements. He helps you better understand nutrition and you body’s unique needs.

  • Detoxification for Optimal, Lifelong Health

    Detoxification assists your body’s ability to heal naturally. If you are interested in improving your overall health and physical function, Dr. Hoffman will create an individualized detoxification plan that is right for you.

  • Feel Younger with a Balanced Metabolism

    Jump-start your metabolism. Help your body burn and store fats more efficiently!

    By regaining balance, you can have more energy, feel younger, and maintain your weight loss with ease.

    Are you ready to change your future?

Local to Santa Rosa

Dr. Hoffman offers weight loss services in Sonoma county and nearby areas such as Napa Valley, Sonoma, San Rafael, Petaluma, Healdsburg, Sebastopol, Rohnert Park and San Francisco.

Meet Dr. Hoffman

Dr. Justin Hoffman NMD, is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor who is widely recognized as a leader in the field of medically supervised weight loss. He specializes in treating weight issues and has helped hundreds of patients effectively lose weight naturally.

Weight Loss Made Sensible

Our medically supervised and holistic programs ensure you shed pounds safely. Individualized plans utilize a unique combination of integrative medicine and weight loss programs including hCG diets, lipotropic, and B vitamin injections.

Dedicated to Your Health

Get slim and stay trim with a weight loss program designed for your long-term success.

Lose Weight Safely

Integrative Weight Loss

Dr. Justin Hoffman offers a variety of individualized weight loss programs that incorporate dietary and lifestyle modifications as well as nutritional and hormonal supportive therapies.

Lose weight and keep it off with dietary and lifestyle guidelines that keep you well nourished, satisfied, and energetic.

Forget prepackaged food. Maintaining your weight loss and active lifestyle requires a healthy diet. You’ll learn to fill your body with fresh, organic nutrients.

Feel Healthier Everyday

Part of keeping your weight under control is making sure your metabolism is working for you. Dr. Hoffman will help you find the right exercise plan to keep you feeling strong. Everyone is different and your exercise routine should be tailored to your needs.

Long-term weight loss is the result of healthy lifestyle changes, not a popular diet movement. Dr. Hoffman will help you set appropriate goals so that you can make progress everyday.