Safely Lose Weight

Kiss that Fat Tire Goodbye

With the assistance of a medical professional, you can lose belly fat quickly. Our Integrative Naturopathic Doctors in Santa Rosa utilize a revolutionary approach to end your weight loss battle. By working with your hormones and metabolism, they can help you enjoy life while losing weight.

Shedding pounds has never been this easy. With our medically supervised, holistic programs, you’ll be able to discover the healthier you that you have always wanted. This unique approach combines integrative medicine and weight loss programs. These include hCG diets, lipotropic injections, and B12 vitamin injections.

Each plan is personalized for your unique needs. It incorporates lifestyle medications, medical nutrition, healthy organic foods, exercise, and a personalized treatment plan. The result is a road map to getting slim and staying trim.

Lose Your Belly Fat

hCG Diet & Weight Loss

This revolutionary system does more than just help you lose weight. It gives you the tools to keep it off while staying nourished, satisfied, and energetic.

Lipotropic Injections

Give your body’s ability to naturally lose weight a boost. Lipotropic injections ensure you have the right balance of key nutrients.

B12 Vitamin Injections

When your body efficiently processes fats and carbohydrates, you’re able to stay energized without packing on the pounds.

Whole Food Nutrition

Say goodbye to prepackaged foods. Say hello to a healthy diet filled with fresh, organic nutrients.

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