Medically Supervised Weight Loss Services in Santa Rosa, CA

Shed pounds quickly and keep them off. Our Integrative Naturopathic Doctors in Santa Rosa have developed a revolutionary approach to medical weight loss. Working with your hormones and metabolism, they help you end your weight loss struggle. Learn to integrate pleasure, enjoy the process of losing weight, and live a life you love.

Our medically supervised and holistic programs utilize a combination of integrative medicine and weight loss programs. These include hCG diets, lipotropic, and B vitamin injections. Each plan is individually designed to help you reach your goals so you can get slim and stay trim.

Our plans combine the power of eating healthy organic foods, exercising, and making lifestyle modifications with the introduction of medical nutrition and a personalized treatment plan. They allow you to indulge in all life has to offer while sporting the figure you want.

Lipotropic Injections

Our Integrative Naturopathic Doctors help you identify the key nutrients to that’ll support your body’s natural weight loss.

hCG Diet & Weight Loss

Our dietary and lifestyle guidelines give you clear direction so you can stay well nourished, satisfied, and energetic while you lose weight.

Whole Food Nutrition

Say goodbye to prepackaged food. We help you learn to fill your body with fresh and organic ingredients so you can maintain a healthy weight.

B12 Vitamin Injections

The right vitamins help you stay fit and energetic, allowing you process fats and carbohydrates efficiently. Our Integrative Medical Doctors can help you evaluate your individual needs.