If you are considering losing weight and want to know a bit more about how our patients have done on their programs, here are just a few to check out: You can click on the link below to watch all of them, or scroll below for a sneak peak: YOU TUBE TESTIMONIALS – CLICK HERERead More →

Stress: Stress is a reality in most people’s life. When stress grips you, there’s no time to stop for it. Unfortunately, besides the direct effects stress can have on your health (e.g. hypertension, heart disease), it’s the number one cause of overeating. So the next time you’re under a lot of stress, before hitting the fast food restaurant, learn whether you were driven there by your emotions. What is emotional eating? It occurs when your feelings dictate whether you are hungry or not. Also, you eat to soothe your feelings when something is wrong. Remember, eating is a pleasurable activity and stimulates the same center of the brainRead More →